Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients In the Ancient Greece/Rome


These days, pretty much anyone knows what an “active pharmaceutical ingredient”. Even if you somehow had never heard the term before now, reading it there you can probably guess what it means. Active pharmaceutical ingredient refers to the compound (or compounds) inside of something (usually a form of medication) that…

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Herbal APIs- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Herbal medicines form a big percentage of the drugs that people use.Where these herbal medicines are concerned, the active pharmaceutical ingredient may be unknown. This makes it difficult to label the drug and even create standardized regulations concerning it. Different cultures from different parts of the world have developed herbal…

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API manufacturing Contract & Development


The CordenPharma is one of the pharma producing companies which is dedicated to providing flexible over bequest of combined API development and contract manufacturing competencies as well as specialized technologies in state-of- the-art cGMP facilities. In API production development, the firm holds specialized scientists who have skill and experience to…

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How To Formulate High Potency Drugs


The act of turning solid tablets into liquid or semi-liquid is called encapsulation. This technology can be applied in both drugs and multivitamins. Encapsulating high potency drugs make for an effective drug delivery. Advantages of liquid fill hard capsules  There is little to no contamination between the drug and…

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Pharma producing – API manufacturing


The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), together with the substances implemented to make medicines for clinical usage controlled under the Partitions 1A and 2, Part C of the Food and Drug Regulations. Partition 1A, Part C of FDI describes activities for which Good Manufacturing Practices acquiescence is needed and must be…

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A brief about sterile API manufacturing by Aseptic method


API manufacturing can be done by terminal disinfection or by aseptic handling; terminal disinfection is the technique for decision. API manufacturing by Aseptic method ought to ideally happen in hardware worked under positive weight in respect to the encompassing territory. If not, spill tests should be performed for basic strides…

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A brief about API and its production


APIs are individual substances or a blend of substances used to deliver a medication or restorative item. These medication substances can be produced by procedures like compound amalgamation, maturation and extraction or by recuperation from common assets. API Production is done with the help of crude materials, intermediates or different…

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