High Potency drugs, consumption rates and likely side effects

High Potency

All categories of drugs, but with reference to high potency drugs are usually measured for administration on the basis of per milligram per body weight except for those in liquid form that are measured by centimetre per body weight. In other words, what determines the milligram or centimetre an individual…

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Cost involved in API manufacturing


To comprehend the pharmaceutical plan of action, it merits understanding the value relationship between the API, the tablet, and the medication market cost. Connections between brand (moral) and non-exclusive pharmaceutical organizations additionally should be considered. An API is an organic substance that has an exceptional property: being harmful to particular…

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What are Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and its role in making medicines?


In a layman language, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is the chemicals in medicines that make them work. Drawing refinements amongst APIs and medications makes it possible for makers to practice, controllers to focus resources and drug specialists to adjust non specific counterparts to brand name products. It’s important to have the…

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Active pharmaceutical ingredients regulations


Active pharmaceutical ingredients are the basics of all pharmaceutical drugs. The quality of API is therefore equal to the quality of drug it makes. Low quality APIs will directly translate to low quality drugs in our medical systems. Inferior quality drugs are known to cause severe effects to the human…

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Five Kinds Of Marijuana With A Very High Potency In Tetrahydrocannabinol (Thc)


With the rise in drug abuse, it would be prudent to users, parents and the government agencies to have information that relates to one of the most abused high potency drugs out there-Marijuana. Marijuana can grow almost anywhere on earth. However, there are more potent strains than others. The reason for…

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients In the Ancient Greece/Rome


These days, pretty much anyone knows what an “active pharmaceutical ingredient”. Even if you somehow had never heard the term before now, reading it there you can probably guess what it means. Active pharmaceutical ingredient refers to the compound (or compounds) inside of something (usually a form of medication) that…

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Herbal APIs- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Herbal medicines form a big percentage of the drugs that people use.Where these herbal medicines are concerned, the active pharmaceutical ingredient may be unknown. This makes it difficult to label the drug and even create standardized regulations concerning it. Different cultures from different parts of the world have developed herbal…

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